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Getting to the truth about photography   In all my experience giving workshops, there is nothing I enjoy more than these three things    Seeing someone realize that they are better than they are.  Looking back on what I would have loved to have known when I started.  Dispelling myths  I see other photographers propagate [...]
Gimbal stabilizers - Converting your phone into a cinema camera     Our smartphones can deliver better and better video. They capture great photos and HD footage; most are now equipped even to deliver decent 4K video. We love our phones and seem to be able to do anything with them. This includes great video and [...]
4)Getting the film look with a digital camera is easier than you think!   The look and feel of film photography (called the film look) is sought after by photographers. Many think that getting this film look means using a vintage film camera. However, with the advancement of digital technology, it is now possible to [...]
Artificial Intelligence and the magic result of profile pics   We all have seen it. A favourite influencer or close friend posts an A.I. Generated profile pic the likes of which you have never seen. What amazes you is that they say that all they did was upload a couple of images of themselves at [...]
This is my Fujifilm X-H2S impressions blog post   This blog post is about my first impression of the Fujifilm X-H2S. This is not a review.  But if you want to know my thoughts about this camera the three times I used it so far, keep on reading.   To get a more specific review [...]
Where do you start in Photoshop when editing portraits?   Portrait editing can be very daunting. You hear terms like frequency separation, dodge and burn, liquify, and Photoshop highlights and shadows. Well, let us tell you what beginner Photoshop portrait editing tools have to be used as of day one.   So you say to [...]
Retouching-the necessary evil   It has always amazed me how a photo can go from ordinary to extraordinary with patience and knowledge of the Photoshop healing brush, clone stamp, dodge and burn, and the collection of adjustment tools.   About five years ago, I decided to perfect my photo retouching skills. I am very proud [...]
What is in this blog?   In this blog, we will be looking at my new list of the 5 best mirrorless cameras you can buy in 2022. This is an updated list of the list I created for 2020. Although the video is ageing,  it is still relevant today. Because I believe that no [...]
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Soft diffused light makes great portraits   Beginner portrait photographers quickly learn one thing about lighting - You need a soft light source. Soft lighting gives excellent results time after time. This portrait was taken on an overcast day where the sun’s light is diffused by clouds. Notice the smooth transitions between shadows and highlights. [...]
Filming the Festival d'été de Québec   In 2018, before all the COVID nonsense, I had the opportunity to film a live show event in my area. This event was sponsored by a huge national telecom service provider Bell Canada and a venue owned by one of the largest festival organizations in North America - [...]