Lets meet!!

Like in the movies, all good social media posts, photography and videos have to have a good scenario. Before attacking a scenario of your corporate social media strategies, I ask questions that help me define my obligation and engagement toward you.

Strategic proposal

Equipped with the answers that you have given, I put together a multimedia strategy that will differentiate you. My techniques will bring out your competitive advantage. I will also, at this point, propose a schedule of completion that fits your needs.

Scenario presentation

A client must be comfortable with the proposed scenario and, most importantly, be excited about what is going to take place. The duration of a corporate video is roughly between 1 nd 2 years and that of a social media campaign is no more than 2 weeks. If a client presents a visuals on their website or for an event, they must be proud of what they present.

Pre Production

My main priority in my planning phase is to respect budget and time constraints.


My production team works hard at being as incognito as possible so as to not get in the way of the daily hustle and bustle of your company. After all, companies need to function during a filming process


One can never underestimate client feedback. For me, the approval process begins at the beginning of production. Scenarios and scripts are revised with the client. I even like to have the client at filming to get feedback on footage. A visual project is always more complicated than it seems so keeping the customer in the loop is my priority.

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