About Jacques Gaines

Born in Tacoma Washington. Moved to Quebec, Canada at the age of seven. Been in canada ever since.

The short story

I have been a passionate artist my whole life. I continue on my mission to make what I have in my heart and soul the most communicable possible. My community has grown through my Youtube channel and my Instagram feed. I also share my experiences and opinions on this lovely journey in my blog posts on this website. I have made it my mission to push the idea of making something from nothing.

The long story

Know how it all started. Where it is now and
where it is going to be.

How I got to be a creator


I believe the story starts in Tacoma Washington, USA, where I was born of a French Canadian mother and an African American father.  I was born on a US air force base. Being an army brat, I only spent one year of my life there. Later my father got stationed at McGuire air force base in New Jersey, where I lived until age 7. When my father retired from the air force, we moved to my mother’s native town Québec City, Canada. Until the age of 18, I would call Québec city my home. From age 18 to 25, I lived in Lennoxville, Québec, and Montréal, Québec, to pursue my bachelor studies in Economics and Finance.

Business wasn’t for me


After being disillusioned with the business world, I moved back to Québec city. Lack of money and any sort of goal put me right back at my parent’s house. In 1993 a good old highschool pal of mine (Brian Tuppert) walked up to me with a music project that I could not refuse.

Creation took over


This, for me, was a turning point and what would define me. Although he did not know it, Brian had awakened the idea that it would be possible to make a living off of being creative. So in 1994, we formed a band called Q City. The members were Brian Tuppert (co-writer), Pierre Curado (keyboards and programmer), and myself (singer, songwriter).

Q City


For a diverse number of reasons, Q City evolved into Soul Attorneys with members Eric Filteau (Keyboards, programming, co-writer), Mathieu Dandurand (guitars, co-writer), and myself (singer, songwriter). An energy, a vibe, and a hunger developed between the four of us and we went on to earn, a Canadian gold record, an ADISQ nomination, a 36 date tour with Celine Dion, and lots lots more. Of which I will talk about more of in another post.

I could not deny the facts


I have been a creator all my life. Ever since I can remember, I have been working on, or starting, different artistic projects. My early years were marked by my willingness, or my parent’s willingness, to get a University degree. For many years I fought with my creative side attempting to do the right thing and pursue a degree in finance. I did attain that degree but rapidly realized, upon graduating, that my strong points were not in this discipline. I love the fact that I have a degree. Business education has given me a savvy and sensitivity to business concerns more than many of my fellow artists, but it is not why I was put on this planet. I was put here to create.

Photography, artistic videos, blogs and music

There are things you just cannot deny


Ever since that day when Brian Tuppert came up to me I have done many things. I have five albums to my name (4 English and 1 in French). Lots of heartaches, much joys and love experienced, and a lot of intense emotion. It has definitely been a ride. Altogether, my musical career as a frontman lasted roughly 14 years with its conclusion being my last solo album in 2019, called “Volume Won”.

Where I am heading


I loved it all, but I believe my work during the time I was a frontman, emanated a general feeling of malaise, not only in the music I had done but also even the general feel of anything done during this period. Something was always a bit out of kilt with each and every album that I made. On the first Soul Attorneys album, I was sort of green and innocent. On the second album (J.Gaines and the Soul Attorneys) I was dealing with the fact that I was now solo and was uneasy with the fact of being alone. The third album (the French album) was what it was. The fourth album was just an artist with a lot of baggage trying to redefine himself.

What I have learned


I listen to those albums and sometimes cringe at some of the decisions that I made. At the same time, I am proud and consider myself privileged to have been able to do what I did for the time that I did it. I have charted over 8 songs in one top ten list or another and I am proud of these songs. Better Man, So they say, These are the days, Give a little love, Trace of Tracey are songs that I will wear with pride.

All this being said, I move on to newer things. I now create video and audio and, quite frankly, love every minute of it.

The story is not over


As tacky as this may sound – You might want to stick around because the story is not over. Today, in the COVID19 world of 2020, I keep on creating using even more tools to create. I now offer online courses in photography, produce artistic videos, have a YouTube channel, and still write music. Where this will all go? All I can say is; Stick around and find out!

Vaya Con Dios!