Lessons and workshops

Customized training from a pro

If you happened to be in my neck of the woods I can give you a personal workshop either in the comfort of your own home or even in a coffee shop nearby. If you live far away, do not worry. I do that too! Via Skype, Google Meet, Teams, or Zoom you can book either 1 hour or 90-minute consultations with me. Find out which workshop is for your by checking out the course outlines and schedules below!

Getting to know your gear

wrapping your head around the buttons

Having to wrap your head around the latest and newest tech is hard. However, many people do not realize that the key to getting outstanding photos starts by digging deep into the equipment you already have. This workshop takes an inventory of what you already have. We take stock of what type of photography style you want to achieve.

  • Are you a street photographer?
  • Are you a portrait photographer?
  • Do you do landscape photography?


Do not be mistaken; you will leave this course with lots of homework. However you will have the skills to apply certain brand-specific actions to your photographic art and technique.

Course outline

Photography Essentials

Before you run you've got to walk

Learn all the basics of photography technique. This is the workshop where questions like “What is bokeh?” “How does ISO change a photo?.” are answered. Photography 101,102, and 103 are all about getting up to speed with mastering your passion. Take these workshops to understand the power to communicate what you have in your imagination into your images.

Course outline-composition Course outline - The Fundamentals

Photo walks

Getting immediate feedback

In all my years of teaching photography workshops, I have always been a fan of photo walks. You can only go so far when teaching photography concepts to people in a classroom. In our journey of finding a photographic voice you need to get out there and shoot is what I always say.

On most photo walks, we work on the idea of photographic composition. By building on our existing photographic intuition, we develop different angles and viewpoints of an existing photo.

Photo walks are done either individually ($150/hour) or with the Morrin Centre picture this program

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