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A simple but powerful AI photo editing tool for PC and Mac

ked well on What is the Generase tool in Luminar Neo?   What is the Generase tool in Lmunar Neo? Well, it is the answer to many photographer's prayers. Not only does it do a clone stamp style erase, but it also generates content to fill in the area that has just been replaced by [...]

November 1, 2023

Luminar Neo works as a plugin and Stand-alone   Luminar Neo is an AI photo editor for desktop PCs and Macs. However, what it loses in mobility, it gains in processing power and muscle. It not only offers quick artificial intelligence one-button solutions but also gives in-depth AI-powered edits as well. Luminar Neo is a stand-alone [...]

October 23, 2023

Outline - Table of contents    This blog post opens up the secrets of Luminar Neo. The first section of the article defines the software, and the rest of the blog post gives beginner and in-depth tutorials about: The software interface importing photos processing photos, and sharing and exporting images Feel free to skip to [...]

October 13, 2023