Excire Foto 2024 In-Depth Review For Photographers

Simplify your photo culling with Excire Foto 2024. Read my software review to better organize your digital photo workflow

The Drowning Pool of Digital Photos


One of the biggest conveniences of digital photography has become one of its major obstacles. With large-size memory cards, we can now take unlimited photos. But an unlimited amount of photos is a lot of photos!

For photographers, the post-processing burden overshadows the joy of capturing a perfect moment. Gigabytes of photos pile up, drowning us in a sea of digital memories. Culling – the process of selecting and discarding images – becomes an almost too important, tedious chore, stealing precious time from the creative process.

top view of a desk with a person's hand selecting photos. On the desk, there is a laptop
Digital photography has brought the convenience of instant preveiw of photos. Due to the sheer number of photos we take, this has unfortunatley made photo selction daunting.

This is where photo-culling software aims to streamline this task and bring order to our digital chaos. Excire Foto 2024 stands out among the contenders with its powerful AI-driven features. But is it the right fit for every photographer? Let’s dive into a comprehensive review to find out.

Excire Foto 2024: A Feature-Rich Overview


Excire Foto 2024 is a photo management software that leverages artificial intelligence to automate and simplify the photo-culling process. Unlike traditional software that relies on keywords or manual tagging, Excire uses machine learning to analyze your photos, automatically generate keywords, and enable powerful search functions.

screnn capture of the Excire Foto 2024 front page

This translates to features like:

  • AI-powered Keywording: Excire analyzes your photos and assigns relevant keywords based on objects, scenes, colours, and even emotions.
  • Smart Search: Search for specific elements (“dog on beach”) or moods (“joyful family reunion”) to quickly find the photos you need.
  • Face Recognition: Easily identify and tag people in photos, making photo organization smoother.
  • Fast Browsing: Excire’s intuitive interface allows for rapid scrolling and filtering of photos based on various criteria.
  • Duplicate Detection: Excire Foto 2024 includes a duplicate detection feature that helps you identify and remove duplicate photos. This ensures that your photo collection remains tidy and free from unnecessary duplicates.


Advanced Features: Excire offers functionalities like creating smart albums, bulk editing, and data export for power users.

Benefits of Using Excire Foto 2024


Using Excire Foto 2024 offers numerous benefits that can transform your photo organization and management experience. Although not unique to Excire and common to all culling software, the advantages are worth listing.

  • Save time
  • Up workflow efficiency
  • Rediscover your accumulated photo collection
  • Enhanced organization
  • Intuitive interface
Young photographer with camera in hand organizing photos in their desktop computer
Although there has been photo culling software around for years, Excire Foto and Aftershoot are now offering photo culling with robust AI features.

The Pros and Cons of Excire Foto 2024


Here is a summary of  the pros and cons of Excire Foto 2024. Read on afterward to get into the details of why.

The Pros of Excire Foto 2024
  • AI keywording and search Wow!
  • Effortless browsing
  • User Friendly interface
  • Advanced features for professionals
  • Text search is a game changer
  • Aesthetic-based automation is impressive
  • PC-based software is a plus for pros
The Cons of Excire Foto 2024
  • AI reliance, for now, accuracy can be off and also bias
  • Larger than normal learning curve
  • Excire does not do simple, quick edits
  • It costs more than other competitors
  • No tethered shooting
  • PC-based processing might be seen as a hindrance for mobile-based photographers
Photo of woman posing in the Excire interface
The Excire interface has a bit less pizzaz than other photo culling software
Photo of woman posing in the Adobe Lightroom interface
The Adobe Lightroom interface feels more polished and sleek than Excire.

Power to the Pixel: Pros of Excire Foto 2024


  • AI-Powered Image Recognition and Keywording: This is a game-changer. Excire’s AI automates this process, saving you significant time and effort. Its ability to recognize emotions and moods adds a unique layer of searchability.


  • Effortless Searching and Browsing: Finding specific photos becomes a breeze. No more wading through endless folders. Excire’s intuitive search functions allow for quick retrieval based on keywords, faces, or even a combination of factors.


  • User-Friendly Interface and Efficient Workflow: Excire is designed with usability in mind. The interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to learn. With its streamlined workflow, you can cull through your photos quickly and efficiently.


  • Advanced Features for Power Users: Excire caters to advanced photographers as well. Features like bulk editing, smart album creation, and data export offer additional functionalities for those who require more control.


  • Very Powerful AI integration (namely Text search) Excire’s accurate text search where one can enter any sentence and get fantastic image matches with sentences like “Man leaning on a car.”


  • The aesthetics search was surprisingly good. When I used the triage by aesthetic value, it was pretty spot-on. Excire seems to have trained its LLM pretty darned well for a more subjective task. Like all aesthetics, you can take or leave it, but what a great way to start the triage process.
Excire interface with an arrow pointing to the aesthetics "sort by" button.
The Aesthetics "sort by" button can often show you things that you assumed unattractive. This almost gives a second point of view to your triage decisions.

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Not Quite Perfect: Cons of Excire Foto 2024


While Excire Foto 2024 offers significant advantages, it’s not without limitations:


  • Reliance on AI (Accuracy and Potential Bias): While my experience with the auto keywording function is pretty robust, it’s not infallible. There’s always a chance of inaccurate keywording or misinterpretations. You still have to review some of its suggestions and make manual adjustments if necessary. Additionally, AI can perpetuate biases present in the training data. Be mindful of potential biases in keyword suggestions and adjust accordingly.


  • Learning Curve for Advanced Features: I have to admit. At times, I would have needed a more comprehensive user manual. While the core functionality is straightforward, mastering the advanced features might require some effort. New users might benefit from exploring tutorials or the user guide to unlock Excire. The Excire website is not teeming with the best tutorials or How-tos as of this review date.


  • Excire does not Edit: Excire has no quick edit features like Lightroom. For this reason, it is best to compare it a bit more with Adobe Bridge.


  • Cost Consideration: For now, Excire Foto 2024 is a photo culling only software. While it does this task impeccably, it does require an initial investment. Some people who do not see the importance of streamlined photo culling might find it expensive.


  • No Tethered Shooting with Excire: For now, there are no tethered shooting options with Excire. One would need to purchase a Lightroom plugin from the same company, Excire Search 2024.
Womand in studio getting their picture taken . In the foreground is a camera tethered to a computer
Tethered shooting is offered on competitors photo culling software like CaptureOne and Lightroom but not on Excire

The Contenders: Comparing Excire Foto 2024 to the Competition


Excire Foto 2024 isn’t the only player in the photo-culling game. Let’s see how it stacks up against some other popular options:

Aftershoot home webpage
A subscription based AI photo culling software solution

Aftershoot: This is probably THE most direct competitor to Excire Foto 2024. Aftershoot offers AI-style photo culling; in Aftershoot, you can automate your culling or just have culling assisted by AI. Like Excire, Aftershoot is a downloadable software for Windows and PC. From my experiences with it so far, it is on par with Excire at the AI photo-culling process. It recently upped its feature list to include AI editing. Click here, if you would like to purchase the software.    

Front Webpage of CaptureOne Pro
CaptureOne Pro started off initially as a tether software but later developed into a photo culling and tether software powerhouse

Capture One Pro: Another professional-grade option with excellent image processing and cataloging tools. Like Lightroom Classic, CaptureOne Pro offers keywording and search but lacks the AI-powered approach of Excire. Capture One Pro also comes with a subscription model. My experience with CaptureOne Pro is that you need to prepare for a very steep learning curve.

Photo Mechanic: Photo Mechanic by Camerabit is known for its blazing-fast import and culling capabilities. It excels at quickly sorting through large image batches but offers limited keywording and organization features compared to Excire. Photo Mechanic is a good choice for high-volume photographers prioritizing speed over in-depth organization. It has a one-time purchase fee.

XNView mp photo organizing softwarewebpage

XnView MP: A free, open-source photo management software with many features, including basic keywording and search. It’s a budget-friendly option but lacks the user-friendliness and AI capabilities of Excire. XnView MP is a good choice for hobbyists on a tight budget who are comfortable with a less intuitive interface. The lack of updates, support, and newer features is a symptom of free software.

Main page for Adobe Lightroom classic.
Adobe Lightroom Classic is the most popular photo organization software out there.

Adobe Lightroom Classic: A powerful all-in-one photo management, editing, and organization solution. It also integrates seamlessly with the king of all photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop.  Lightroom has keywording, tagging, and search functions but lacks the advanced AI capabilities of Excire. Lightroom Classic caters to professional photographers with a steeper learning curve and a subscription model.

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Photos taken in Paris and collated with Excire Foto 2024 using aesthetic “sort by”

Who is Excire Foto 2024 for?


While Excire Foto offers benefits for all photographers, some will find it particularly advantageous:


  • Enthusiasts Overwhelmed by Large Collections: If your photo library has ballooned out of control, Excire’s AI-powered culling can be a lifesaver. It helps you quickly identify keepers and discard unnecessary photos. Most importantly, it makes sense of the many photos you have


  • Time-Crunched Professionals: Excire’s efficient workflow and automated keywording will reduce post-processing time for professional photographers with limited time. This allows you to focus on the creative aspects of photography. I genuinely believe that you can trust the software as well. Also, incorporating the software into your current Lightroom workflow is a breeze via the Excire Search Lightroom plugin.


  • Genre-Specific Photographers (Landscapes, Events): Excire recognizes specific elements and scenes. Landscape photographers can easily find photos with desired compositions or lighting. Event photographers can quickly locate specific moments or people using Excire’s AI search.

Buy Excire Foto 2023 by clicking this photo or here and use the discount code: JACOEXCIRE2023 for 15% off.

Other Useful Information About Excire


Pricing and Availability of Excire Foto 2024


Excire Foto 2024 is available on the official Excire website (Use JACOEXCIRE2023 code at checkout for 15% off) The software offers different pricing options to cater to different user needs. The pricing structure typically includes options for individual users, businesses, or professional photographers.


For the latest pricing information and to explore options, visit the Excire website or contact their sales team directly. Excire Foto 2024 is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users. An internet connection is required for downloads and periodic license validation (once a month).

Frequently Asked Questions about Excire Foto 2024


  1. Is Excire Foto 2024 compatible with cloud storage platforms? Excire Foto 2024 supports importing photos from cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  2. Can I use Excire Foto 2024 with multiple devices? One Excire Foto 2024 can be used on multiple devices (up to three)
  3. Does Excire Foto 2024 require an internet connection to work? Excire Foto 2024 does not require a constant internet connection to function. However, an internet connection is required for software updates, features, and periodic license validation.
  4. Can I customize the keyword assignments in Excire Foto 2024? While Excire Foto 2024 utilizes AI algorithms to assign keywords, you can further customize and refine the keyword assignments to suit your preferences.


Is Excire Foto 2024 suitable for professional photographers? Yes, Excire Foto 2024 offers features catering to professional photographers, such as integration with Adobe Lightroom and creating smart collections based on specific criteria.

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