Visico Pocket 2 review

A battery-powered flash with plug-in power


This is a small review of the 200-watt Visico Pocket 2 battery-powered flash. I used this flash in a full-fledged studio setting and enjoyed the experience. In this post, we will look at why I loved it so much.

Profile of a dancer in a leotard throwing her hair up in the air
This was achieved by using two Visico Pocket 2 flashes in synchronization with the Visico trigger for Canon cameras

Visico vs Godox


The Visico Pocket 2’s direct competitor is the  Godox AD200pro. They both offer 200 watts of output and have small form factors. They both give the mobile photographer the capacity to get around with the best flash lighting possible. This review will not compare the two. I want to concentrate on how I found working with the Visico Pocket 2 mostly.

Woman seated on the floor dressed in boots, a leotard, and a blazer
Studio quality results can come out of these little flashes

I tested Visico flashes and the accessories


Visico sent me two units Pocket flash units and a remote radio trigger for Canon TTL and HSS, a Bowens mount compatible vice holder, and a modifier accessory kit that included:

  • 1x carrying case
  • 1x barndoor
  • 1x bounce panel
  • 1x snoot
  • 1x diffuser plate
  • 1x dome diffuser
  • 1x honeycomb grid
  • 1x filter holder
  • 4x Color filters
The Visico Pocket 2 accessories laying on a table.
This is the whole accessory kit you can order separately. If you do intend to use this the Visico Pocket 2 with the Bowens adapter, you will not need any of these. But they are built very sturdy, integrate very well, and get the job done.

For my review, I mostly used the Bowens mount holder (Which Visico also kindly sent me) and the remote trigger because I aimed to play with these flashes in a studio setting.   

Specs of the Visico Pocket 2 flash

Power output: 200W flash output

Lithium battery: 2900mAh Lithium battery (500 full-power equivalent)

Recycling time of 0.01-1.8 seconds when well charged

High-speed sync: Up to 1/8000s 

TTL system:  SupportsCanon, Nikon, Sony TTL. Camera signals are automatically sensed and switch systems without user intervention. 

Power adjustment: 9-stop power range from full to 1/256 in 1/3th stop increments.

Stroboscopic mode

Channels and Groups: Integrated 2.4G wireless remote trigger system has 32 independent channels. Under every channel, you can divide units into 5 groups

Flash duration:1/10000s flash duration

Stable colour mode: 5600 ± 100°K colour temperature over the entire power range. 

LED modelling lamp:5W LED modelling lamp. brightness adjustable in 6 steps.

Surge Protection: overcurrent/ overcharge/over-discharge/ short circuit protection. 

Supports firmware upgrades

TTL compatibilities: Supports Canon, Nikon and Sony

Dimensions as measured by me: 23 cm X 8.5 cm X 7.5

Weight with battery: 890 Grams

For other product details click on the bottom below

Build Quality and Ergonomics



The Visico pocket 2 is very well made. The plastic is sturdy and inspires confidence.


I couldn’t help but compare the Visocos to the Godox AD200 Pro. The Visico Pocket 2 is a little bit thicker than the AD200s. Although this might not seem to be an inconvenience, it makes putting the flash in some Godox vice adapters a little bit tricky. Speedlite vices worked fine with Godox but not Visico Pocket 2s (it is just a tad too big). Luckily Visico sent me their own vice mount, which worked fine with the Pocket 2

*Small note: The Visico speedlite Bowens adaptor vice mount is excellent by the way. It is shipped with an adapter to make it smaller for devices like a small Speedlite flash.

The button quality, screen interface (contrast) , and form factor are excellent. Even the included flash kit case is very nice. It has form-moulded slots for each accessor and a zip-closing net sack to add accessories you might use on the move. You will not be disappointed.

Serviceability of the Visico Pocket 2 flash



Getting to anything that needs servicing is easy. For bulb change, the flash bulb is protected by a latch-released cover in the front. Batteries can be easily changed since they use a clip in system.

Using the Visico Pocket 2 with the remote flash trigger



Both the Visico remote trigger and the flash worked like a charm. I assigned one flash to Group A and the other flash to Group B (group and channel options are endless). Adjustments like Model Lamp On/Off – Model Brightness, Flash Intensity, Test, and Trigger methods were all available through the trigger interface.

Visico 818-TX Flash trigger for Canon
This radio trigger was my best friend while using these flashes. They allow you to easily adjust flash intensity, turn on the model lamp, and decide what mode wish from afar

Refresh times and battery life on the Visico Pocket Flash 2 are excellent. I wasn’t expecting much from a 200W flash.

Many of the models I shoot are not experienced. Therefore, when I see a model give me the right pose, I like it when the flash is already up to speed and ready to give me another shot of light. I found these flashes even quicker at refresh than my plug-in 300W godox flashes. I also used the flashes at almost full power for the full 3 hours of my photoshoot. 

Visoco pocket 2 menu system
The menu system and buttons are very well set up. Aside from finding a couple of functions like remote flash trigger, everything was a breeze

Light quality and consistency are on point. Most of my tests showed that the flash delivered on exact 5600K colour temp as promised.

200W cartridge-style flashes are good for so many things



I never had the chance to use cartridge-style flashes in the past. I never thought I would love these things so much. They have power when needed, are portable and light, and have infinite battery juice. For the portrait photographer on the go, these things render Speedlites almost obsolete.

Woman laying on her back with her right leg pointed toward the sky
Taken with one flash pointed to the wall and the other on the model

Light quality and consistency are on point. Most of my tests showed that the flash delivered on exact 5600K colour temp as promised.

The pros and cons of the Visico Pocket 2


The pros and cons listed below come from someone who used this flash in a studio environment using the Bowens adapter. I used a beauty dish modifier on one flash and a reversed umbrella on the second flash. There might be pros and cons left out. But here are my conclusions.

Woman standing in the middle of a studio with two photographic flashes on each side
This was my setup for the whole photoshoot. There were a couple of variations but all were based on this initial setup.

The pros


  • Solid, consistent  flash power
  • Ultra-portable
  • Great integration with Visico remote (RC trigger)
  • Accessories are few, but what is there is extremely useful
  • Excellent build quality
  • Menu and on-flash settings are simple
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Good battery life
  • Refresh times are good
  • When you compare to the competition, the 199$ price is amazing

The Cons


  • A bit bigger than competitors
  • Not a standard trigger, therefore it does not integrate with your existing trigger system (Godox / Strobepro for example)
  • Not a ton of accessories for those not wanting to use Bowens options
  • Model lamp is mediocre

Who is the Visico Pocket 2 flash system for?



The Visico Pocket Flash 2 system is ideal for many people. By having power, portability, and reliability, it lends itself to many amateur and professional photographer workflows. The only thing that comes close to this is using Speedlites on remote settings. Although Speedlites offer this remote functionality, anyone who has tried knows that it can be a nightmare. The only compromise I see with these 200 Watt flashes is power, but besides that, they are useful in so many photoshoot workflows.


Wedding and event photographers can use this portable flash system for bride and groom pre-shoots, photobooths during wedding events, and establishing photos. By carrying around a little umbrella and a light stand, the possibilities before and during a wedding are enormous. It can be a solid addition to your wedding photography gear.


Portrait photographers can use this in a light studio setup or as a strong portable flash portrait setup when doing on-location corporate profile pics for clients. 


Corporate photographers can take advantage of the strobe settings to use it for action photos.


Macro photographers can couple two Visico Pocket Flash 2s and work at home and out on location without ever having to think about battery life or light power concerns when shooting that perfect flower.


When push comes to shove, amateur, semi-pro, and even hardened professionals can use this gear for either a full-on A setup or as an extremely reliable B setup.




As it stands, I would say that the Visico Pocket 2 delivers more than promised. I am somewhat surprised at the lack of competitors in this growing flash photography niche. Not only does this flash system do a fantastic job, but it does it in a place where photographers need it most. 

I will be ditching my 600-watt behemoth Godox lithium for two of the Visico Pocket flash2s for sure. For me, a small loss of power is offset by the advantage of the added mobility this flash system offers.

You can buy this flash for 199$ by clicking here

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