The Hohem iSteady V2 review

Gimbal stabilizers – Converting your phone into a cinema camera  


Our smartphones can deliver better and better video. They capture great photos and HD footage; most are now equipped even to deliver decent 4K video.

Mobile phone held by a hand with a heart on top
We love our phones and seem to be able to do anything with them. This includes great video and great photo.

But now that we use our phones to film, we’re faced with the problem that cell phones are NOT cameras. They don’t have flash adapters, they don’t have a tripod mount, and they don’t have a shutter release button.

But companies like DJI, Hohem, Feiyutech, and Zhiyun have stepped up to the plate to offer excellent phone-to-camera solutions in the form of gimbal stabilizers. Gimbal stabilizers offer stabilization, shutter release, framing, and even lighting to phones in one fell swoop.

image of a phone gimbal with a white background
Feiyutech offers some crazy high end options like the SRORP mini 3

The Hohem iSteady V2 is for phones. 


I reviewed the discontinued iSteady Multi gimbal and loved it. Unlike the iSteady Multi that stabilized small cameras, action cams, and phones, the iSteady V2 is solely for phone stabilization. It promises to offer everything that a phone doesn’t have to film.

Ergonomics and build 


This gimbal is made mostly of plastic to conserve weight but has a sturdy feel. The construction is very good. However, they should have put more effort into the small tripod adapter they supply. 


The grip feel is good, and something must be said about the fact that it is easy to unfold. Not all foldable phone gimbals are easy to figure out.   

image of the Hohem iSteady V2 handle
feel of the handle is good. There is a large joystick button, a camera orientation button, and a shutter release button.

Setting up the Hohem iSteady V2


Setting up is a breeze and happens quickly with the supplied quick-start card. I always appreciate a detailed instruction manual in paper form. 

image ot the Hohem iSteady V2 phone holder clamp
The quick instruction card gets you u and running really quickly. Physical phone setup is also easy with phone mount indications on the gimbal itself.
Hohem isTeady V2 user manual and quick setup card
A quick setup card and a paper user manual. I'm impressed.

Basic phone gimbal performance


For simple phone stabilization, the Hohem V2 delivers rock-solid performance. Keeping the camera level works perfectly. It is all one could expect from a gimbal, especially in this price range. It offers the three most essential modes.

  • Pan Tilt Follow: Where the camera will follow your handle movements
  • Pan Follow: Same as above, but the camera will not tilt
  • All Lock: Both pan and tilt are locked. Great for dolly movements
  • POV: One can pan, tilt and roll. All handle actions are reflected
screen interface of the Hohem iSteady V2
The Hohem iSteady V2 offers an array of codecs all the way to 4K 60p depending on what phone you own. For me, video quality was not great despite these immense codecs. Resolution and quality are just not the same.

The camera app allows you to adjust parameters, but each mode has a corresponding button combination press. The customizability of this gimbal within the app is pretty incredible. Adjustments include:

  • Motor responsiveness
  • Follow speed
  • Calibration and many others
Hohem iSteady V2 camera app gimbal mdes menu
All gimbal modes are available via the Hohem Pro camera app or via button shortcuts.

Smart tracking without the gimbal camera app


The tracking mode on the Hohem iSteady V2 works without using the company camera app. This might seem a small feature, but almost all iPhone and Samsung owners have been frustrated when forced to use the gimbal camera app to get follow features.


Most of these apps do not have all the high-end video features that good phones have. This forces users to use substandard video and photo apps if inclined to use follow mode. But since the ISteady V2 executes these modes via hardware, you don’t have to go through the iSteady app video

Hohem isTeady V2 on a kitchen table with Jacques Gaines in the camera app making thumb gestures
The Hohem iSteady V2 was very responsive to thumb gestures and rarely gave me tracking errors.

In-app video performance


The app video offers up to 4K 60P on paper. Other modes are: 


  • HD, 24 “P” 30 and 60P
  • 4K 30P and 60P 


The in app video quality on this camera is just OK. It is nothing to write home about. It is to be expected though. However, this gimbal allows you you to use the tracking without using the Hohem app.

Video frame capture of Jacques Gaines in his kitchen
This is a still frame capture from the gimbal which really proves that these companies are gimbal companies and not video companies. By separating follow functions from the app, Hohem really brought it up a notch!

Moment mode in the Hohem iSteady V2 (a solid reason to buy this gimbal)


The Hohem Pro app allows you to easily set up timelapse, slow motion, and photo modes. The user interface is very friendly. It often offers explanations for the settings that you are about to use. However, one of its coolest features is “Moment mode.” 

With their modes and adjustments, gimbals tend to be complicated. Moment mode is at the far right on the bottom of the app. It offers a tutorial approach to getting the footage you need. Not only does it show you the result (in video form), but it runs you through the step-by-step tutorial to start your recording.

Hohem in app view of the moment mode screen
With Moment Mode you can quickly see the result of what you are about to do without having to reopen a manual. Once you have chosen what you want, you simply push the start button and you are led to an active tutorial.

Pros and cons of the Hohem iSteady V2


The Hohem iSteady V2’s price point of roughly $129 US, and it offers good features that perform well. This is saying a lot because some competitors do not offer well-functioning features in this price range. I highly recommend this gimbal.

But here is the pros and cons list. In the case of the iSteady V2, it is more of Love it vs Wish list:

The Pros of the Hohem iSteady V2


  • Responsive tracking
  • Follow and cam orientation features are independent of the camera app
  • Quick and easy setup (From unboxing to filming was a breeze)
  • Dumby proof integration of some higher-end gimbal features when using the cam app
  • Very competitive price for this  feature set level

The Cons of the Hohem iSteady V2


  • Tripod could have been more solid
  • in-app video is modest. Not excellent
  • A carrying case would have been nice

Get familiar with what is in the box in this video

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