5 best beginner mirrorless cameras for 2022

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In this blog, we will be looking at my new list of the 5 best mirrorless cameras you can buy in 2022. This is an updated list of the list I created for 2020. Although the video is ageing,  it is still relevant today.

Front view of the Fujifilm X-T4

Because I believe that no one should get the latest and greatest tech, all cameras in this new list are available now if you want to purchase them.  I am just not the type to wait for a new model. Shooting photos is about getting out and doing it now. 

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This mirrorless camera is the most “FUN”


So in this best mirrorless camera list, I wanted to concentrate on fun. 

As subjective as this word may be, “fun” remains an important factor in your camera buying decision.   

Therefore, affordability is a deciding factor for this 5 best beginner mirrorless camera list but will take a back seat to the overall vibe a camera has.

istagram pose from blonde woman
The super desirable bokeh from this larger sensor camera cannot be denied. Larger frame cameras bring about smooth subtleties you just cannot get from smaller sensor cameras

The 5 best beginner cameras for 2022 list


    1. EOS M6 mark2 $1099 with kit lens
    2. Fujifilm XS10 $1399 with 18-55 kit
    3. Sony A7-C $2098 with the 28-60 kit lens
    4. Nikon Z5 $1896 with 24-70 kit lens
    5. Sony A6600 $1798 with 18-135 kit

5) The Sony A6600


The 24.2 megapixel Sony A6600 is one of the latest models from the now legendary A6000 line. Sony took what was great on the A6000 and either kept it or improved it. The A6600 offers everything you would need to get going for photography and filmmaking.

Front view of the Sony A7-C mirrorless camera
The Sony A6600 packs a whole lot of high impact specs. Although it is a bit high priced, it really is a beast.

Size is becoming a determining factor in everyone’s camera choice. The smaller and lighter, the better. Sony wrote the book on packing lots of features in a small package and this camera is a testament to years of fine-tuning.

Anyone wishing to expand to filming will not be disappointed.

A picture of the whole Sony E lens lineup
Sony's E-Mount line for both Full Frame and APS-C sensor sizes has gotten bigger.

Lens options for the A6600 abound

Also, with the years, both Tamron and Sigma and other 3rd party manufacturers offer exceptional lens offerings for this powerhouse. Good and less expensive lenses now are quite available for the Sony line.

Tamron offers less expensive alternatives but you can even get lenses from the smaller low priced Chinese manufacturers like Viltrox

Pros of the Sony A6600  

  • Feature-rich
  • State of the art focussing in a small package
  • The camera body can last a lifetime
  • Z batteries are an upgrade from the older Sony APS-C camera batteries 
  • No more overheating issues

Cons of the Sony Alpha A6600

  • The kit lens isn’t amazing (Get the body and experiment)
  • The price might be a bit high for some

4) Nikon Z5  $1896 with 24-70 kit lens


Although Nikon was late into the mirrorless camera ecosystem, they came in strong and aggressive. Known for just offering a good stills photography solution, they now provide excellent video capability as well.

Front view of a Nikon Z 5 without the lens
The Nikon Z5 is supposed to be for beginners but it really packs a punch

The Nikon Z5 is now one of the best entry-level Full-frame cameras out there. Its price is crazy competitive.

The 24.3-megapixel full-frame Nikon Z5 offers what many other camera manufacturers can only offer in their smaller sensor sizes.

Among its many specs, this little demon offers, in-body image stabilization, Eye autofocus, beautiful EVF and LCD for image preview, and 60P 1080 video.

Nikon Z5 top view dials
Nikon integrates their years of experience and apply it to the latest tech.

Legacy all the way

I have always loved the idea of a backwards-compatible camera. This camera seamlessly talks with a whole generation of older Nikon glass via an adaptor. Compatibility like this opens up many opportunities for photographers to save by purchasing older Nikon lenses. Nikon has some of the best legacy glass in the business.


All this with the best stills photography camera ergonomics in the business makes the Nikon Z5 a solid choice.

Pros of the Nikon Z5:

  • Ergonomics
  • Affordable full-frame camera
  • Dual card slots ( for backup or more storage)
  • Excellent video potential 
  • Fantastic kit lens and legacy lens expandability
  • Quality lens upgrade path can be inexpensive if you don’t mind legacy instead of native

Cons of the Nikon Z5

  • No front-facing screen
  • Cheap for a full-frame but not cheap in general

3) Sony A7-C $2098 with the 28-60 kit lens


The full-frame size sensor camera world has always been a bit elusive because of higher prices. But competition is getting fierce among camera manufacturers. All camera manufacturers have attacked the full-frame sensor camera challenge head-on.


  • Canon with the EOS RP selling for under $1000
  • Nikon with the Z5 selling $1296 mentioned above
  • and Sony with lower generation models like the Sony A7 II selling at under $1400.
Front view of the Sony A7-C camera with no lens
The Sony A7-C is a full-frame compact mirrorless camera wtih a lot to offer in its specifications

The Sony A7 C is just a whole lot of fun


The Sony A7-C is priced higher than other entry-level full-frame cameras but wow! What this little demon has to offer is quite amazing.

The Sony A7-C offers 5 axis in-body image stabilization, top-of-industry autofocus, crazy video production capabilities, and tons of amazing features for the price you have to pay.

Sony A7-C top view of control dials
The Sony E-Mount system offers a lot of good quality 3rd party lens options. Seen here with the Viltrox 24mm f/1.8 for roughly 400$

Third-party lens availability, years of full-frame mirrorless camera development, coupled with industry-leading full-frame camera experience places both the Sony A7-II and the A7-C in a class all their own.

This camera really excels for anyone wanting to dabble in video production, vlogging, or producing any sort of YouTube social media content. You just will not be disappointed with the Sony A7-C.

Among some of the video features, it offers

  • Amazing continuous autofocus
  • 4K video downsampled from 6K
  • S-Log high dynamic range video for those who prefer colour grading
  • continuous eye autofocus
  • IBIS for movie and stills
  • Flip out screen for selfies

Pros of the Sony Alpha A7-C

  • Full frame fun in a small package
  • Tons of new less expensive 3rd party lens options in 2022

Cons of the Sony Alpha A7-C

  • Pricey
  • Button options are limited
  • Sony menu is still not the greatest

2) Fujifilm X-S10 $1399 with 18-55 kit lens


Fujifilm has always been the leader in APS-C size sensor technology. They have pushed small-size camera sensor tech to its limits and have created some of the best cameras on the market today. 

Many other pro photographers love the feel of the Fujifilm X-S10

Fijifilm lenses (Under the name of Fujinon) are known for their excellent optics. Fujifilm is also known for its camera body’s old-school ergonomics and excellent build construction.

When holding the Fujifilm X-S10 in your hands you discover their attention to the picture-taking experience. In general, I’ve always admired how Fujifilm has done things!

Fujifilm really cares about what makes an image appealing.

Fujifilm will not disappoint when it comes to its lens and lens mount offerings. The Fujinon 18-55mm kit lens is stunning and offers the best bang for the buck optics for any photographer.  

An old video where I talk about the virtues of the Fujinon 18-55mm kit lens

The Fujifilm X-S10 feels great in the hand and has all the extras that the flagship models like the Fujifilm X-T3Fujifilm X-T4 and X-Pro3 models possess. All this at a fraction of the price its big brothers. It offers pro features in a beginner photographer-friendly package. Giving you PASM dial features, film simulations that are unequalled, and in-body image stabilization.

Pros of the Fujifilm X-S10

  • Many features for an amazingly competitive price
  • In-body image stabilization is top-notch
  • The workflow and menu system is excellent
  • The kit lens is best in class (18-55mm f/2.8-4.0)
  • Lens offerings when you want to upgrade are great (in 3rd party or with the Fujinon line)

Cons of the Fujifilm X-S10

  • Those looking for the vintage feel of Fuji will be disappointed in this Fuji offering
  • Not a whole lot of custom buttons
  • Autofocus (continuous and single) is good but it is not a Sony or a dual pixel Canon

1) Canon M6 Mark II


Canon recently attacked the mirrorless camera market hard with models like the EOS R6 and EOS R5. They have been making cameras for a very long time.

Front view of the canon eos m6 mark2 mirrorless camera
The Canon EOS M6 Mark2 is small, lightwieght, and filled with great and useful features.

The Canon EOS M6 mark2 combines Canon’s years of expertise with its spirit of innovation. 

The Canon EOS M6 mark2 is a perfect choice. It’s light, small and has impressive features at an affordable price. You can capture stunning photos with its 32.5 megapixel and DIGIC 8 image processor. The Eos M6 mark 2 is also compatible with lenses from the EF and M line either in native or via an adaptor.

All canon EF lenses displayed in one image
Via an adapter, the Canon EOS M6 mark2 can use a bunch of existing EF glass seemlessly.

The Canon EOS M6 mark2 offers a small package of fantastic focussing, image quality, specs, and performance. The latest DIGIC processor and dual pixel autofocus are proven and fine-tuned technologies. 

The Canon M6 markII is also competitively priced and surpasses all in this list for bang for the buck. You will be dazzled by what the Canon M6 mark2 offers and be in full discovery mode for a long time in the future because it is a  feature-rich and integrated product.

Pros of the Canon EOS M6

  • Exceptional dual pixel autofocus tech
  • Beautiful Canon colour science
  • Amazing price to feature ratio
  • Good quality optics with room to grow
  • An older camera that still packs a huge punch

Cons of the Canon M6 Mark2

  • Although optics are good, native M-Mount lenses are few and far between
  • Some people might not like the detachable viewfinder formula



Remember that where I ranked the cameras in this list is a personal choice. These cameras are all excellent. The most important thing is to check out the pros and cons of these cameras to see which one would fit your preferred way of working. Remember that the camera model must get you excited.

You do the most essential thing by being excited- pick up the camera and shoot.

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