The Feiyu Pocket 2 review

What is the Feiyu Pocket 2?


The Feiyu Pocket 2 is a miniature stabilized hand gimbal. It is the newer improved version of the Feiyu Pocket (Version 1). The Feiyu Pocket 2 aims at giving you stabilized high-quality footage in a package that you can easily stow away in a purse, packsack, or glove compartment without even noticing it is there.

Feiyu pocket 2 head side view
A close-up view of the Feiyu Pocket 2 gimbal head. The monitor screen is surprisingly high quality,

This gimbal is a direct competitor to the DJI Osmo. Other competitors to the Feiyu Pocket 2 include the Snoppa Vmate, and the FIMI Palm2.

gimbal camera coming out of a purse with glasses and a watch
Both the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 (above) and the Feiyu Pocket 2 are aimed at the online vanity market

What is in this review? 

 In this blog post, I will go over all the specs on this little wonder of technology. Most importantly, I will talk about: 



  • Construction quality
  • Feel in hand and ergonomics
  • Accessories

In use


  • Feature set as compared to the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 (its direct competitor)
  • Its capacity to stabilize
  • Quality of photo, video, audio, and formats

My impressions 


  • My personal experience with the gimbal
  • Pros and cons of the Feiyu Pocket 2
  • Answer the question: Who is the Feiyu Pocket 2 for?

The Pros and cons of the Feiyu Pocket 2


I used to always give the pros and cons at the end of my reviews but I now do this at the beginning and explain myself afterward. So without delay, here is my summary of this mini camera gimbal.



  • Excellent size
  • Excellent video and photo quality
  • Screen resolution for monitoring and playback is excellent
  • Construction is class-leading
  • Case is very nice
  • Stunning stabilization in Pan and selfie modes. WOW!
  • Quick and easy setup and operation



  • It is a newcomer and, therefore, does not have all the options available as of this blog post publishing
  • Gimbal tends to get a tad warm for 4K shooting
  • Slow-motion is just OK (But it can get you out of a bind)
  • Because of its size, getting excellent audio requires the purchase of accessories
  • DJI is the class leader. I think that the Feiyu is priced a bit too high (they will be compared). Features are as good but the price is always the final word.

Below is the reason why I came to this conclusion. Read on to see who I think this gimbal is for.

The build quality and ergonomics 


The build quality of the Feiyu Pocket 2 is excellent. Although it is a combination of Aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, its construction is mostly aluminum. The build of this gimbal is tank-like in every way. However, being solid adds the tradeoff of adding weight. The Feiyu Pocket 2 is 10 grams heavier than the Osmo Pocket 2 but still not the heaviest in its category.

 The Feiyu Pocket 2 interface ports are:


  •         Memory card port.
  •         USB cable for charging (and the optional external mic adaptor)
  •         Solid ¼ – 20 UNC female threading on the base to attach to a tripod
  •         On and Off buttons
  •         Pan and tilt button
  •         Record button

Feel in the hands


Although it is pretty small, the feel in the hands of this gimbal is excellent. The aluminum alloy surface has a nice texture. This gimbal is smooth and fun to grip.


The added weight of such a small gimbal turns out to be quite an advantage. Having a bit of extra weight for something that is under 200 grams allows for overall stability.  

The Feiyu pocket 2 in th reviewer'shand
Like all the pocket gimbal cameras, the Feiyu Pocket 2 is amazingly small. With such a small in-hand size, these gimbal/cameras can be really convenient.

Accessories for the Feiyu Pocket 2


As of the date of publishing of this blog post, there are several accessories slated for release. All accessories, except the external audio adapter, can be bought as third-party add-ons or are not essential. The accessories include:


  •         An external controller – The interface on this great. You do not need this.
  •         An extension rod (basically a branded  selfie stick) – Third party
  •         A smartphone holder and tripod set – Third party 
  •         A tripod only – Third party
  •         External mic adapter ( That hooks up to the USB port) Essential for vlogging
Feiyu pocket 2 accessories
Many of the Feiyu Pocket 2 accessories are available via third party manufacturers. You can do without any of them. The only exception is the external audio adapter which can prove useful if you blog or vlog.

The Feiyu Pocket 2 in use


So far, I like how the Feiyu Pocket 2 operates. It is quick to set up, and you can be up and running with the QuickStart guide in a matter of minutes. The instructions for both the stand-alone gimbal and gimbal FeiyuCam app are very clear.

The FeiyuCam remote control app 


The Feiyu Pocket 2 also works with a remote application for iPhone and Android. I had no problems using this application at all.


You can use the FeiyuCam app to control shooting, playback of recorded files, and camera settings. These controls include choosing gadget shooting modes like timelapse, hyperlapse, and others.


Do not look for Bluetooth connections. Feiyu has chosen to use wi-fi for the remote connection between camera and phone.

Photo of phone app next to the Feiyu pocket 2 gimbal
The FeiyuCam app for both android and iOS works for shooting and camera settings
Feiyucam phone app interface beside the Feiyutech Pocket 2
The FeiyuCam app can also be used for playback of recorded clips.

Buttons vs. phone app


You can access a whole bunch of functionality on this gimbal with the app, but I need to point out that you are all set via the on-gimbal buttons and the gimbal screen-swipe commands. The physical interface is super intuitive.


I think that most Feiyu Pocket 2 gimbal users, or at least those that will want this camera gimbal, will want to stay away from matching a gimbal up to their phone.  Especially when the immediate on-device controls are so well made.

side view of the Feiyu Pocket 2
Simple buttons and an even easier screen interface make the inconvenience of app pairing unnecessary.

The Feiyu Pocket 2 gimbal vs. the DJI Osmo Pocket 2


I could compare the Snoppa Vmate and the FIMI Palm, but I think that it might just save time if we look at the Feiyu’s biggest competitorThe DJI Osmo Pocket 2. Oh and, by the way, I cannot give Feiyu any points for naming originality. It is so similar to DJI’s.

feiyu Pocket 2 held by the reviewer
The Feiyu Pocket 2
White and black models of the DJI Osmo Pocket 2
The DJI Osmo Pocket 2

I will not get into too many details on features of both gimbals but here is a table with the most important specifications of these two contenders:

Feiyu Pocket 2 vs. the DJI Osmo Pocket 2

Feiyu Pocket 2 DJI Osmo Pocket 2
Weight 127g 117g
Construction Aluminum and plastic Hard Plastic
Battery life 220minutes (depending on format) 140 minutes (depending on format)
Charging time 72 minutes 73 minutes
Display size 1.3 inch 1.08 inch
Pixel count 12 million 64 million
Sensor size 1/2.3 inch 1/1.7 inch
View angle 130 degrees 93 degrees
Aperture (lens opening) f/2.0 f/1.8
Modes Single Shot; Panorama;Motionlapse;
Single shot, countdown shots,
Video Resolutions 4K:3840*2160@60/50/48/30/25/24fps
4K Ultra HD: 3840×2160 @
2.7K: 2720×1530 @
FHD: 1920×1080 @
Slow motion bit rate 120 Mbps 100 Mbps
Range of motion Tilt:-95° to +50°
Roll: ±45°
Pan: -220° to +40°
Pan: -230° to +70°
Tilt: -100° to +50°
Roll: ±45°
External microphone options? Yes Yes
Built in speaker Yes Optional

The Feiyu Pocket 2 and the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 are very similar. Both gimbals have excellent video resolution options, both offer external mic options, and both are extremely well made.

So let’s look at what distinguishes these two mini camera gimbals apart.

Weight:  The Feiyu Pocket 2 is 10 grams heavier than the DJI Osmo Pocket 2. But, in my opinion, weight becomes an advantage with such small equipment. If weight is crucial for you, the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 will give you a 10-gram advantage (roughly 7%).

Construction: Both the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 and the Feiyu Pocket 2 are very well made. I have always been a sucker for that aluminum look and feel so, in my opinion, the Feiyu Pocket 2 wins out.

Display size: With such a small gimbal format, any display size real estate will be appreciated. The Feiyu is 1.3 inches whereas the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 is at 1.08 inches. This is another plus for the Feiyu Pocket 2.

Feiyu pocket 2 with its rubber case
Even the rubber case for the Feiyu Pocket 2 is similar to the DJI Osmo Pocket 2

Battery life and charging times: The Feiyu Pocket2 battery life is very good. It offers quite a bit more battery life than the Osmo while giving quicker charge times. These tests can be tricky though and all depends on what video resolution a manufacturer decided to use when doing the test.

Pixel count, aperture, and sensor size:  Sensor size is bigger (but not pixel size), and pixel count for photos is high on the Osmo. The DJI Osmo Pocket 2 carries a lot of punch in pixels (64 million vs. 12 million), aperture opening (f/1.8 vs. F/2.0), and sensor size (1/1.7 vs. 1/ 2.3); this allows the DJI to be better at a bokeh effect and low light video performance. DJI wins.

Feiyu Pocket on a selfie tripod in front of bicycles
I tested the Feiyu Pocket 2 on my favorite selfie tripod.

Waterproof? None of these gimbals are waterproof. However, the Osmo Pocket has an optional waterproof casing. Depending on what you plan to do with your gimbal, this can be a definite plus.

Video Playback: The Feiyu Pocket 2 wins out here. Unlike the Osmo Pocket 2, the Feiyu Pocket 2 has a built-in speaker for playback. This standard feature will be a huge bonus to social media personalities that want to review and hear what was just shot.

Range of motion: The Feiyu Pocket 2 also has a great range of motion. This allows you to do some really cool original footage. Having less range of motion is not a deal-breaker, but it can really be a nice feature to have for creatives.

View angle: Both the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 and the Feiyu Pocket 2 have good viewing angles. The Feiyu will allow you to keep the gimbal closer to you. If image distortion bothers you, however, the balloon effect of a wide angle will be less pronounced with the DJI Osmo Pocket 2.

Slow Motion: With slow-motion footage, data bit rate changes everything. Feiyu wins out here by a bit. However, no one should be looking at these gimbals for slow-motion footage. 

How well does this gimbal stabilize?


The available gimbal modes on the Feiyu Pocket 2 are:

  • All follow
  • Pan
  • Follow 
  • Flip (available when clicking 3 times on the joystick) firmware 2
  • Recenter (available when clicking 2 times on the joystick)

I have one word for stabilization performance on this little baby….Wow! While All Follow, Flip, and Follow modes were very good, the vlogger in me was astounded by the pan mode.


When used in conjunction with smooth settings, the pan mode is perfect. It takes you where you would want to go and gives you the image you might expect when using a much more expensive gimbal.

Quality of photo, video, audio, and formats


Given the size of this GoPro-like sensor, I really do think that most will be happy with the 1080p and 4K video quality out of this gimbal. The photos are OK, but you will never get great photos from a GoPro sensor for sure. But, for video, Feiyu Pocket 2 will not disappoint.

photo of a pool, bicycles, and a pool deck
This photo from my back yard to show the quality of the photos out of the Feiyu Pocket 2. Conclusion? Stick to your cell phone for photos.

Audio quality is not bad and matches what a late generation GoPro might give you. If good audio is important for you, however, you will need to consider some of the upcoming audio adapter accessories. Consult my Youtube video to hear how the audio is.

reviewer screen capture of video is selfie mode
I will be using this Feiyu for many years to come on my vlogs

My personal experience with the gimbal


I have worked with and reviewed many gimbals. These include smaller gimbals like the Hohem iSteady 3 in 1, and the larger FeiyuTech AK2000 gimbal. Each has gimbal has its advantages. This small camera scores big for outright convenience. Overweighing any sort of disadvantages that might be present in such a small device. 


What has impressed me the most is the ease of use of this type of camera/gimbal combination. You take it out of the box, charge, and power up. So, my overall experience with this miniature gimbal has been nothing short of fantastic.


I think that I will be adding this video camera to my arsenal of vlogging equipment. It will be a great light addition to my Sony ZV-1 for blogging and vlogging. I give this miniature camera gimbal a huge thumbs up.

Who should buy the Feiyu Pocket 2?


Because of its size, the Feiyu Pocket 2 is a direct competitor with cell phones. So the question remains: 

Does the Feiyu Pocket 2 beat out footage from an iPhone 12 pro or an LG Velvet or a high-end Samsung phone? 

For me, the answer is yes! As a pro, I can really see the gain in video production quality with this miniature gimbal camera.

Feiyu pocket2 in front of a garden fench=e and bicycle

Who shouldn’t buy the Feiyu Pocket 2?


For the traveler or a person who just wants to capture memories, the Feiyu Pocket 2 might not be the way to go. A simple cell phone is always there, and “perceived” added quality is not as obvious. Looking for a specific piece of gear to capture a shot of the Eiffel tower might not be convenient for the casual traveller.


Whether this gimbal beats out the DJI is kind of iffy. Both gimbals hover around the same price and both solidly deliver for their own reasons. However, the Feiyu is priced pretty close to the DJI. I think that the price difference right now is too small for many to say they want to take a jump toward a company with a less established reputation. Both are exceptional and I would not hesitate to recommend the Feiyu Pocket 2 to anyone if they are looking to get great quality for a slightly lower price to the DJI Osmo Pocket 2.

The determining factor with the Feiyu Pocket 2 product will be its price. As of the publishing of this blog post, MSRP is just a bit shy of $300US.

But for now, I think that bloggers and vloggers need this gimbal in their equipment arsenal. They will be impressed by its size, convenience, and ability to make super smooth video footage with a quick click of a button. Tik tokers, Reels, and content creators will also like its amazing stabilization abilities.

You can purchase this gimbal directly from the Feiyu website when you click here:

or you can use the links in this blog post

I am a photographer, videographer, and copywriter living in Quebec City, Canada. I also have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account dedicated to creation and creativity via my main loves of photography, music, and writing.

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  1. Rob

    What kind of things influence video quality? I just got a Feiyu Tech Pocket 2 and I’m pretty underwhelmed by the image quality. My iPhone looks 100x better. I’m a novice though. Am I missing something? A setting perhaps?


    • Hey Rob. I am pretty sure that it is better than your iPhone. What is most important is to go into the settings menu and ensure your quality is either on 4K or HD in 1920X1080. Make sure that the quality settings are up to the highest levels. If I am not mistaken, there is a place where you can choose video bitrate quality. Try maxing it out.

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