A new and improved Jacques Gaines

Where is Jacques Gaines?


I have faced many personal challenges these days. But the challenges I am facing are nothing too extreme and nothing I cannot handle or grasp. But these challenges are significant enough for me to take a small break from the world of YouTube, Blogging, and social media in general.

Most of these challenges are just about me looking at what I have done in the past and working on a bunch of adjustments to make sure that I do not forget about what I want to do. One thing is certain, changes that I make will affect what I chose to present to you.

Photographer adjusting his camera while circus artist takes position on a railway car
Collaborations videos never really got me a lot of YouTube views. But I know that I love to do them and I will continue doing them in 2021 and well into 2022.

I will be going back to creating social media content. However, before going back, I really want to:


  • See where my YouTube channel fits in my life
  • Work on my body. Health challenges have made it the “not so ideal” home
  • Get over the death of my older brother and fill the void
  • See where my songwriting fits in all of the next 10 years
  • How much of my creative life is about photography
  • Where do other arts fit in with what I do

A little bit about the tumultuous relationship I had with my older brother

My come back in August 2021


I will be coming back around August 2021 with a whole new redefined “Me”. Hopefully, my comeback will be more true to who I am. I believe that I have veered off of how I have defined myself in the last couple of years.

Changes to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram


I have already put on my thinking cap, though. Here are a couple of things I know will be happening soon


  • Summer 2021 marks the renovation of my office space. It will be the first time I take into account filming capsules for YouTube. The change will involve me being able to record quality content quicker and better (More live streams and more opinion videos rather than reviews).
  • I have always been collaborative. So I will be leaving space for others to showcase themselves on my blog and Youtube channel (Guest blogging and guest appearances on my Social media formats)
  • I will still have gear reviews but on my website and YouTube channel but possibly less
  • There will be a lot more content about music creation and music as a whole
model posing in a studio
Photography is one of the mist amazing ways to express yourself. Portraits, fashion , and glamour have always been a part of what I do.

Stick around as I do believe that the changes that I make will be for the better. In the last 2 years, I have not been in tune with what I have been creating. For whatever reason, I strayed away from being what was true to me and my passions and more toward what I thought people wanted to see of me. That will change soon so stay tuned!

Photography post-production: Why I love it

Another collaboration I loved to do

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