Holding your ground and being flexible

woman flexing in fron to window looking forward

What does this pose and how you handle yourself with your loved ones have in common?


The art of an open mind


Like Angie, you have to approach your mental flexibility as though it were an art. This pose is all about the art of flexing just enough to communicate physical beauty and less about just being flexible.

Opening your mind is all about allowing for flexibility in your ideas. An open mind is essential. But your openness to ideas, i.e., your flexibility, is subject to a dance between holding firm to your beliefs and allowing room to see other ways and viewpoints to help you grow.

Managing the balance


If you flex too much in this cruel world, your ideas and insights get crushed pretty quickly. But holding too firmly to your own beliefs can also lead to an existence where intellectual growth and creative discovery are smothered.

Woman in alternate pose
Woman seemingly sleeping in couch

Knowing where and when to be flexible is an art


The key to finding that balance is in having someone you trust who knows your values and beliefs letting you know when you should flex and when you should stiffen.

Camera equipment

Camera: Fujifilm X-T3

Lens: Fujinon 16mm f/1.4

Studio: Studio Phlyactère

Post-production done in: Adobe Photoshop and Luminar 4

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