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Introducing my LuminarAI learning portal


Luminar AI , Luminar 4 and Luminar 2018 are photo editing software that I’ve grown to love. The Luminar software line by Skylum gives me an automatic photo editing solution that satisfied my needs as a pro photographer. What you get with Luminar is an intelligent, one-touch, slider-based photo editing solution for both professionals and advanced amateurs. It is software that even beginners and more advanced users can embrace.


On this one-stop page, you will be able to learn beginner and advanced Luminar editing techniques.


Remember that this page offers you a chance to learn about Luminar as standalone software and also as a plugin for either Photoshop or Lightroom.

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One hidden bonus of all Luminar versions is the capability to convert images to black and white. Using LUTS and the "Convert to B&W" function can yield some pretty cool Black and white photography results.

Luminar AI tutorials


Although I do have other pages that offer older Luminar tutorials, I will still also offer them here on this page. I wanted to make sure that you could just just come to one centralized blog post to tap my brain on all I have learned in every software version of Luminar so far.

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Where to find tutorials on this page


To know where to go and which tutorial to watch, it’s easy peasy. The top of the page will always have the photo editing tutorials of the latest Luminar software version. So, as you scroll down the page, you go back in time to older Luminar versions like Luminar 2018, Luminar4.


Remember to scroll over the video to see the title of the tutorial.

It will save you time in the end. Hope all of this helps. Enjoy!

Luminar AI Tutorials

Learn the ins and outs of Luminar AI


The official release date of LuminarAI is December,15th,2020. The playlist below really dives into all the editing techniques that you need to know to be able to master photo editing with this A.I. based software by Skylum. Among the tutorial topics included this list will be:


  • How to master Luminar AI templates
  • How to effectively use body AI
  • Quick portrait edits
  • Luminar AI Sky Enhancer
  • Luminar AI Structure

and much much more

Luminar 4 Tutorials

Learn the ins and outs of Luminar 4


The official release date of Luminar4 was in late 2019. to me, it is where Luminar started to prove itself as a player in the Artificial Intelligence based photo editing software field. Although it is not the latest software out there, it is a force to be reckoned with for sure. In this playlist you can learn:


  • How to edit portraits with Luminar4
  • How to use the sun placement tool
  • How to master Looks in Luminar4
  • Mastering dodge and burn in Luminar4
  • Using the creative tab in Luminar4
  • The oh so cool AI Sky Replacement tool
  • Mastering landscapes with just the push of a button in Luminar4

and much much more

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