Flash photography in small spaces: Marie Lecorre

The photoshoot concept

Shooting flash photos in a small space

I have always liked a challenge. It’s so cool to meet people who know where they want to go and what they want to do as well. Marie’s concept was simple, straight to the point, and specific. He idea was to look like Frida Kahlo plain and simple. I checked out the images of Frida and her self portraits and immediately sent them to the makeup artist.

self portrait painting by FridaKahlo

The challenge: Flash portrait photography in a small space 

I did not have a studio to shoot in and Marie did not have a large apartment. The challenge was to shoot a portrait shoot with a flash and not illuminate the surroundings. Nothing in that apartment lent itself to the Frida concept so it was important to make sure that t was not illuminated.

I achieved this using a grided 28″ beauty dish which essentially shoots the flash’s light out in a perfect cylinder

You might want to check out my love for the beauty dish in this video

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How this picture happened


A while back I worked with a circus artist named Marie Lecorre. She wanted to do a photoshoot with a Frida Kahlo look to it.

portrait of woman with flowers in her hair

Flash Lighting

Flash for dslr camera icon

Lighting was done with one flash and a beauty dish. The strobe light source is from a Flshpoint XPLOR 600 PRO lithium battery strobe. If anyone wants to do some serious mobile flash photography, I strongly suggest this flash. The battery lasts an eternity and the light out of it is extremely strong. It costs a pretty penny (about $750US) but worth every penny. Most of the shoot was done in her small living room. We tried to do the best we could with that we had.

To see a good example of some natural lighting techniques I use, click here

Technical details about the shoot


Canon 6D mark1

Sigma 50mm f/1.4

28″ beauty dish with grid

Makeup by: MarieLine Linteau

woman with makeup like Frida looking to the right
Always remember to prioritize the subject before anything else. No matter how good your camera and techniques are, the most important thing remains having something worthwhile to shoot.

Where the makeup artist turns out to be the star



What I learned on this photoshoot is that no matter how much you say that each person has importance, sometimes one person stands out. In this photoshoot, my makeup artist MarieLine really really did deliver something extraordinary and exactly the look that we wanted. SPOT ON! Sometimes you do not expect much from a photoshoot and everything just goes super well.

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