The Fujinon gf 110mm f/2 review

fujifilm GF110mm f/2 front lens element view
fujifilm GF110mm f/2 side view

THE GF portrait telephoto lens


The Fujinon GF110F2 R LM WR is fuji’s portrait lens for Fujinon’s GFX line of medium format mirrorless cameras. Its crop factor makes it an 87mm full-frame sensor equivalent. It has a linear motor, is dust and weather-resistant, and offers excellent build quality and feel.

High-resolution possibilities


The GF110 f/2, like all other GF Fujinon lenses, can resolve up to or above 100 megapixels. Fuji aimed at having a 100-megapixel camera in its arsenal a while back. Therefore, all its GF glass has this as a minimum feature. So whether you are using the Fujifilm GFX50S, GFX50R, or GFX100 with this lens. You, most likely, will not be disappointed.

The perfect portrait focal length


You have to crop down to get to your 35mm equivalency with the GF line of lenses. The factor is .79 to be exact. Therefore, the 110mm equals an 86.9mm full frame. The bigger sensor size also gives the same aperture light but a depth-of-field similar to about an f 1.6 in 35mm. So it goes without saying that with the GF line of lenses, Fuji aims right at the portrait photographer.

Sounds like bokeh is going to be fun.

Graph of optical elements in the GF110 lens
Chart taken from the Fujifilm GF110 f/2 product page

The Fujinon GF110 f/2 optics


The lens has 4 ED elements. The lens configuration is 14 elements in 9 groups. The minimum aperture is f/22 and the filter size is 77mm. I have always loved it when an open aperture lens can get so closed down. It is just not a common thing with open aperture lenses. You see this a lot with the GF lens line. Their 50mm f/3.5 even closes down to f/32

low light photo of tree branches on a winter night
Color contrast is quite remarkable. Subtleties can be seen in this otherwise color-neutral photo.

The Fujinon GF110 f/2 ergonomics


This lens is well constructed and feels good in the hands. All buttons and hardware are top quality. I would expect no less with a purchase price of 2800$. It is a really heavy lens at roughly 1kg but that is to be expected from a medium format sensor mirrorless camera lens. The focus ring feels great when used and the aperture ring is also extremely solid. No complaints at all on overall construction.

Lens hood construction could be better


I normally consider lens hood construction negligible but this is a focal length that really suffers if you use the lens without a hood.

The lens hood on this lens is just OK. With such prime quality glass, I would have expected a lens hood that was better made. This is something you see across the whole high-end Fujinon lens line though. Having a cheaper quality lens hood can be excused on their more affordable XC lens line but not in the XF or GF lens line.

*Macro possibilities

The 110mm is a perfect focal length not only for portraits but also for macro. You really have two lenses in one if you buy the optional macro extender tube that Fujifilm offers. With an additional $400 you are doubling the utility of the lens. The GFX camera system does not have a million macro choices so I thought that it would be good for you to know.

Fujinon MCEX-45G macro extender tube
The macro extender tube increases the usability of this ideal 110mm focal length to macro.



Within the GFX system, the autofocus of this lens is probably the most accurate and fast of all the lenses that I have tested. It is as fast as it can be on a GFX medium format camera with contrast-detect autofocus and very heavy glass to move. Because of the nature of the beast, it is always good to mention that low light focussing is still on the so so side as well. This has less to do with the lens and more to do with the system though.

Portrait of a blonde woman with a fur coat
The lens was very good at getting focus. Even way open at f/2. The bottleneck is the test camera I had, however. The GFX50S is not the fastest focusing camera out there.

Image quality


This lens is the crispest and sharpest lens that I have ever tested. It is quite impressive. What really does stand out for this lens is color contrast. Subtleties between color grades are quite striking. One notices the color abilities of this lens when looking at some of the more monochrome images. Colors that are present in these monochrome images are nicely defined and pop.

I did discover some chromatic aberration when pixel peeping the photos. To be honest with you, I was surprised that I did not see more. However, C.A. performance is very good across the board. 

*for CAs go to photo at the end of the page




As shown in the images below. The bokeh from this lens can give drama to otherwise boring backgrounds. Bokeh on this lens is really like no other. The Fujinon GF110 f/2 really does define creamy. It really does stack up to bokeh kings like the Nikon 85mm f/1.8 and the Canon 85 f/1.2.

Athletic woman posing with head back
Shot at f/2 shutter speed of 1/125th. In general, bokeh is creamy
Close up of athletic girl posing with arched back
Same photo: Notice the sharpness in the neck area and bokeh blur near the telephone pole
Clode up of woman posing
Skin subtlties are quite striking

Lens sharpness and color contrast


Unfortunately, web compression does not give ample justice but when zooming in on some of the 50+ megapixel files, I was amazed at, what I call a stubborn sharpness. By this I mean, that no matter how much you pull into the photo, the images insist on staying tack sharp.

Girl fashion posing in park
Shot taken from far away. Bokeh is nice and subject background separation is fantastic
Close up of girl fashion posing in park
Closing in on a pretty large image shows the Image quality

What really does stand out for this lens is color contrast. Subtleties between color grades are quite striking. One notices the color abilities of this lens when looking at more monochrome images. Smaller color changes and color rollof are more noticeable in these sample images. The photo of the branches at the top of the page is a good example in the sense that the blue reflections really pop

Chart showing chromatic abberation of GF110 f/2 lens



For those people wanting to go toward the Fujifilm GFX medium format mirrorless camera system, this might be a good lens for you. Those wanting to also use their camera for portraits within the GFX system, this lens becomes a total must. Because many who move toward the GFX system tend to have a portrait workflow, this lens becomes a good reason to adopt this system because you know it will not disappoint. It gives the GFX owner high-quality, large pixel count photos with a bokeh that can only be described as magical, this is a must buy.



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    Superb & concise, a perfect assessment of this beautiful lens which I’m actually enjoying having just acquired one !

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