Indoor natural light portrait technique: Lyndsie

How this picture happened



This is part of a simple series where I just go about explaining what went into a photograph. There is no pretension. I am not here to tell you how to shot your portrait but more to show you what I did. Feel free to comment on what you might have done differently.

This is more like a technical story of a specific portrait taken

Portrait lighting


Natural light. No flash.

A light is from a large window to her left illuminated with a winter afternoon sun (EXIF data says January 4th,2017) The whole wall was a window. I rented this space from a sort of ArBnB of office space named Breather. There was one large window filling the whole wall looking out onto the city.

Camera used for photo:


Canon EOS 6D mark 1

Lens: Sigma 50mm ART F/1.4

Settings for the portrait photo


ISO: 320 F/3.2 Shutter speed: 1/125th

Post Processing


Processed in Photoshop and exported to Luminar 4.2 as a plugin

IN Luminar:

AI Skin Enhance amount: 54

AI Portrait enhancer:

Eye Enhancer: 15

Improve Eyebrows: 21

Creative tab: MYSTICAL at 24

About the model:



Lyndsie Alguire is an excellent nude artistic model. She lives in the Montreal area. Although she has done a lot of modeling in the past, I believe that she has focussed more on her musical creation these days. You can find more pictures of her either in her own profile but also in my nude artistic Instagram profile named @newartisc  or you can also go to my new website called Her website however still mentions modeling as one of her services. Here are her links.

Instagram: @lyndsiealguire


The Natural light photography session


This was part of a quick session I did with Lyndsie on a cold January afternoon. Lyndsie had the idea to use the Breather service and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a quick studio space to shoot. It is as good as AirBnB and also allows for a bit more flexibility. You can move elements in an office environment around a bit quicker than in a residential environment.

For even more information about this photo shoot, go to

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