Luminar 4.2 AI Augmented sky: Adding multiple elements

AI Augmented sky: What does it do?

Luminar AI Augmented sky is a new feature added to Luminar 4.2. Luminar is an artificially intelligent photo editor by Skylum software. It allows one to easily add dramatic sky elements (i.e. clouds, planets, sunsets) into a photo to enhance or augment its visual appeal.

Located in the CREATIVE tab of the software. Its parameters are:

  • Amount
  • Warmth
  • Relight
  • Mask Refinement
  • Defocus

The elements that it can add are either preset images supplied by the software or images that you can easily load yourself. Via Artificial intelligence, Luminar is capable of rendering the resulting image very photorealistic. The results can be quite impressive.

Adding more than one element in AI Augmented sky

Many people have been telling me that they like Luminar 4.2 AI Augmented sky but that they feel limited by the amount of elements that they can add to a photo. It is true that AI Augmented sky cannot be added within the same layer. But if you actually create a new stamped layer, you can add as many elements as you like. You just have to be sure of your edit on each layer as that edit is pretty well burnt in using stamped layers. Watch this tutorial and see how I do it.


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