Luminar 4 review: The pros and cons

I have been working with Luminar 4 for the past month now and I think I have finally gotten a hold on the ins and outs of Luminar 4. For this reason, I believe that I am ready to give you a review of the software. My review concentrates on what I see as the pros and cons for the software and lets you decide if it is right for you.


Interface is streamlined. Workflow is really nice

Quick lever like edits and surprisingly in-depth customization

Excellent AI doing what most pros would do to make an image nice (Results are not tacky)

Stand alone and plug in modes (smart object or flattened layer export)

New features like ERASE, Portrait modes and sky editing have become my go to fixes



AI seems to eat up processing power. One feels a delay when working in it (RAWs kinda dont like Luminar)

Library functions still are not great

Would like to see some of the Anthropics feature set for stuff like portraits (Face thinning and others)

Needs a mobile version

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