The joy of collaboration

Throughout most of my adult life I was always excited that I lived in an era where, if you wanted to, you could do absolutely everything. I remember distinctively learning all these elaborate software that would enable me to, one day, be completely autonomous. But what I have discovered, through the years, is that doing everything alone brings about one huge disadvantage in the pursuit of creative artistry. Although you are given free reign and a no holds look at the execution of what you want to do, you are stuck with the viewpoint of one person only; Yourself.

By bringing in collaborators you allow yourself the possibility to go places creatively that you never ever though existed. Each person’s input can be used to enrich your project and their self worth. You offer them the opportunity to say that they were a part of your project. Make no mistake it is a big thing for all collaborators. You get so much more out of a collective creative effort than a singular one.

But looking back, I have to wonder how I came to this conclusion? What had made me think that I had to be alone. That retrospection made me realize the most important thing. I had been with collaborators that did not care about me reaching my goal. It had sort of tainted my outlook on collaboration as a thing that would be good for me. So the key point is this. Without any doubt do not question collaboration but question with whom you decide to collaborate with. That choice you make at the beginning of your project determines everything.

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