The GFX50S first impressions: Ergonomics

The GFX50S review camera was delivered

Friday night, after a long day of shooting mundane and relatively less than challenging ecomm photos, I walked into my home to see that I had indeed received the Fujifilm GFX50S. Excited as a crazy caterpillar that realizes that sleeping in a cocoon makes him into a butterfly, I opened the package to see that it was all that I expected and more. I had heard the complaints on the web that it was lackluster in low light, that its 3 fps second were abysmal, that its low light performance was sub par, but I knew that by having it in my hands, I would be able to either reinforce these rumors or thwart them unequivocally.

My mini first impressions

As of now I have had no chance to actually test the camera in any way shape or form. But right off the bat, I find it important to state my first impressions of this camera real quick. The only fair thing that I can talk about is ergonomics. Therefore, with a bit of off the cuff points, I will tell you my first impressions. here is the list

  • I am impressed by the size (That is is way smaller than I thought it might be)
  • Grip for moving around is amazing
  • Similar workflow and button feel to the Fujifilm X-T2

A small note to all those that took the survey

First off let me mention that I had asked for two lenses to test with it. I got the Fujinon 43-64 f/4 and the Fujinon 45mm f/2.8. As of my survey, I would have taken the 110mm but it was not available. Therefore, my apologies to all those that expected that lens. It will have to be another time.

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