The Fujifilm GFX50S: What if?

Is the Fujifilm GFX50S just a commercial camera?

I just received word that I got an OK to receive the GFX50S from the people at Fujifilm. Due to the fact that it is a relatively older camera by 2018 standards, I decided to go on the interweb to see what other types of reviews were done pertaining to this fantastic piece of kit. I think the one question that popped out the most about this camera was “Who is this camera for?” It is a question that, in my humble opinion is kind of moot.

I am aware of what this camera is

I am aware that this camera is ideal for print photographers, studio portrait photographers, and all existing medium format photography users. But I really think that all medium format sensor cameras have been placed in a group of users who have the capacity to afford them. When one talks about the Phase One, Hasselblad X1D, and others we tend to say that it is for these niche uses simply because price prohibits anyone from having the actual camera in their hands. With price, certain photography workflows become a bit prohibitive. But what I find great with the Fuji GFX system is that they take the that medium format workflow and make it a tad bit more affordable. When I say affordable, I mean “RELATIVELY affordable. To me, this opens up the possibility of saying “What if I used this thing for street photography?”, “What if I use this camera for run and gun fashion?”, “What if I put this thing in my backpack and do some landscape photography?”

Accessibility by portability and by price

By being a mirrorless camera one brings down the size of the camera, hence rendering and otherwise larger camera more portable. Bear in mind that when I say portable, I mean as portable as a medium format sensor can be. By making price more accessible, this opens the possibility of saying “Lets try this out”

So here is the question

So here is the question: What if? I think that we are so constrained by the edict that a medium format camera is for more commercial uses, that we forget to think of it in more conventional ways. What I will strive to do with the GFX is to take it for a joyride on the craziest of journeys. If you have any question pertaining to this camera and how you feel you would like to see me test it, please comment on this blog or on the YouTube video accompanying this blog

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