The French album

The French album

In 2006 I released a French album with a record label that was not great. An album that was received with mixed results and for very good reason. Artistically it was all over the place. what made all this a bit screwed up was that it was all over the place for corporate reasons. Not pointing the finger at anybody, just saying that my artistic focus was not in line yet. The same goes for this album as goes for my English solo album. Although it is not the best of my works, it has a whole lot of stuff to be proud of. Just the lineup of musicians on this album is unbelievable.

 Amoung the album credits


Soprano Saxophone : Jean Pierre Zanella

Drums: Paul Brochu and Marc Lessard

Keys: Guy Dubuc, Yves Frulla

Bass: Daniel hubert, Sylvain Bolduc

Guitars: Alexandre Dumas

Back vocals: Kim Richardson

Co-production : Marc Pérusse

Co- Writes: Fredric Gary comeau, Roger Tabra, Annette Campagne, Sandrine Roy, Sophie Neault


Et puis tout

Secret Étrange

La Route qui mene à toi


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