Ceratec technical clips

A series of three technical clips done for the ceramic tile distributor Ceratec. These clips were filmed by the actual client who wanted to increase their Youtube presence and establish their Ceramic tile know how on the web. These highly technical clips have been extensively used throughout the world as training documents for factory workers, future sales reps and students in the Ceramic tile industry.

Three technical clips were produced

  • Ceramic tile quality control
  • Ceramic tile Design
  • Ceramic tile 101

Jacques Gaines oversaw musical production, editing and artistic direction.

Quality Control

Ceramic tile design

Ceramic tile 101

Technical information:

Filmed with client’s Sony Handycam, Edited in finalcut 7.0. Graphics, titling, and motion graphics in motion 4, Video compression and delivery in Apple Compressor. Voice over by Marc Denis. Sound enhancement and editing in Cubase 5