Why Luminar software by Skylum is essential for professional photographers

How I got to know about Luminar

A while back I was contacted by a company called Skylum. They make a photo editing tool called Luminar. I really thought nothing of it being that, as a Youtuber, I get contacted quite a bit by people wanting to talk about their software so I didn’t pay too much attention to their offer. After a couple of email and phone call back and forths, I decided to try out the software. But after a few weeks of having the software installed on my computer, I really started realizing that Luminar is a powerful AI based photo editor that gives intelligent, cutomizable, quick and personalized results.

What impresses me the most about Luminar is that it has the ability of getting a great result fairly quickly and eliminating the vast and crazy learning curve one can have when working with Photoshop techniques. It quite simply, gets the job done fast. Now what is cool about Luminar is that it is like an Instagram filter and like Photoshop at the same time. It basically blends the good of both of these softwares together.

To make a long story short, Luminar encompasses all that is great about an Instagram filter and all that is great about Photoshop. So without further or due. Let me go through the Photoshop and Luminar. The best way to communicate that is to go through the reasons why this software is so amazing. So adding the software to your existing workflow can add a great dimmension of immediacy and the ultimate finishing touch to a Photoshop or Lightroom edit.

5 Reason why I love Luminar

1) Luminar is immediate and essentially works backwards

Luminar works on a preset based workflow. By this I mean that it starts off essentially backwards. Offering you the result before the actual edit. As fantastic a a deep based software can be, Photoshop will offer you 100 ways to get to the same result. Example, if I need to dodge and burn it Photoshop I can use the dodge and burn tool but I can also use the curves adjustment layer. I can use a whole ton of ways to get to the same result. As much as this is a bonus for Photoshop, it can be a real bummer for those who want to see the result quickly.

2) You do not have to leave your Lightroom or Photoshop workflow to adapt Luminar software

So Photoshop is extensive and detailed. And as I stated before, that detail offers you a comprehensive way to do a whole bunch of stuff. Well Luminar offers you a great way to stay within your existing workflows and use Luminar as a plugin within the Photoshop and Lightroom environments.

In Photoshop you go into the Filter dropdown and Luminar opens. In Lightroom you go into either “Export with preset” or “Plug in extras” 

3) The Luminar filters are georgeous

You work with some extremely amazing filters right off the bat. The filters are AI based and seem to know what to do right off the bat when fed a photo. My personal favorites so far are Orton effect, sun rays, and split toning.

4) Luminar filters are extremely editable

Once you do get a filter loaded the story does not end there. Each filter is extremely editable and using essentially a slider based interface, you can go and re adjust many of the Photoshop like parameters of the photo.

5) Luminar offers a quick quick learning curve

While I would not recommend this software to professionals as a replacement to Photoshop, I would, without any doubt refer it as a stand alone replacement to Photoshop Elements. I believe that a great deal of beginners who open Photoshop Elements are a bit stumped when they open up the software. It is my personal opinion that by giving the result first, it offers to beginners, a better way to get excited about photo editing.

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