Every Day song lyrics

Song Lyrics

Every Day
Music and lyrics by: Jacques Gaines

There was once a day when you rocked my ways
There was once a time when you blew my mind

Then it all changed and sadness came
He said “I love you” and took you away
Not a day goes by without regret
Of the things I could have done to keep keep keep you
Everyday, Everyday, Everyday

Now you’re standing here. . . Your eyes full of tears
Gotta face my fears of taking you back

Forgiveness may come and it may go
But the fact that you left me haunts me so
and now it’s my turn to walk away
You must know a part of me will still love love love you
Everyday, Everyday, Still wanna say, Please please stay

I can’t forgive you. I can’t live without you

Song Credits

Vocals: Jacques Gaines
Acoustic guitars and programming: Guillaume Tondreau
Backing vocals: Kim Richardson
The whole damned choir: Kim Richardson
Piano: Bob Stagg
Keys: Eric Filteau
Programming and arrangement: Jacques Gaines and Eric Filteau
Engineering and tech: Jacob Cardinal