Volume Won (All on my new album)

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What the Volume Won album is mostly about

The album Volume won is a statement on all that is genuine. Faced with a world that pushes the idea that to just “appear” is what makes people “be”, Jacques Gaines wrote an album pushing the concept of authenticity. Volume Won attacks the idea that the simplest solution to happiness is to be oneself. From the gut wrenching song about narcissism called “Something wrong with me” to the more advice motivated song of “Down to you”. Jacques Gaines also attacks the simpler concepts of friends with two songs “Counting on my friends and “I’m a friend for you”. He also has collaborated with artist that he admires greatly. Including collaborations with Kim Richardson, a duo with Luce Dufault, and rappers like Fresh Corleone and Rodney Skerritt. Volume Won is the result of a fine tuned collaboration with great artists that he admires and loves to work with.

Here is the album and the songs that are on it

Something wrong with me (Featuring Fresh Corleone)

Countin on my Friends (Featuring Rodney Skeritt)

Friend for you

Every day

I know that you want to

On with another man

Ottie Bootie Jello

Down to you (Featuring Fresh Corleone)


I am a stone (Featuring Luce Dufault)