From Music to video (catching moments)

From music, from radio, from photo to video

On top of creating music, I have always been a fan of jazz, folk, pop and Motown. All this due to my dad and his amazing voice who, himself, could have had his own musical career. In 1993 I had the opportunity to co-host a radio show about jazz music on CBC radio. It was my opportunity to familiarize myself with the fabulous medium of radio.

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Like music, photography and video have always been a natural part of my life. I’ve always deemed it important to record and capture the moments of my life. It has basically been my modo since my teen years. I now have boxes of those small moments of my life and the lives of people I deem important piled in my basement.Whenever the budget could permit I found myself at the local camera store dreaming.

Well before digital photo I learned how to develop photos in a darkroom. This talent, I was told that I had, helped me to earn my living as a family portrait photographer at the end of the 80s. I worked for a travelling portrait company called Imabella based out of Montreal. I travelled the whole province of Québec and Ontario immortalizing people’s lives and faces. Doing photos on such a large-scale makes one develop technique extremely quickly.

Throughout my career with the Soul Attorneys as a singer songwriter I also learned all there is to know about media, television, and sensitized me to being in front of the lense as well. Having to do such a slew of interviews makes one sensitive to what it is to actually interview someone. I remember Sony music sending me to an interview training course to sensitize me to the ups and downs of being a public figure. Knowing this has made me develop an outstanding interview technique.


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Étant quelqu’un qui observe beaucoup et qui apprend énormément de mes expériences, ces nombreuses entrevues furent une excellente école pour ce qui allait un jour faire partie de ma carrière de vidéaste ou j’allais poser moi-même des questions pour obtenir du bon contenu.

This passion for video production certainly comes from my interest in cinema and documentaries. I love to watch and re watch documentaries and films that evoke my emotions and their capacity to communicate these emotions. Soon after buying my first video camera I could not resist learning editing, and filming techniques. People still do not know why I love to read instruction manuals. My passion is learning new techniques and ways of doing things. Something inside me says “Wow! I know how to do it now!” This inherent principal of immortalizing moments of my life suddenly became a passion for immortalizing moments in general. People started asking for my skillls to do work on their moments. . . thus a new way to earn my daily bread was born. I decided to form my own production company.


De fil et aiguille, je me suis retrouvé à travailler à temps plein pour une compagnie pour qui j’effectuais des contrats, une agence spécialisé en stratégie marketing, Image de Mark, pour laquelle j’ai travaillé 2 ans. Puis, suite à une restructuration j’ai dû reprendre mes activités avec ma compagnie et c’est en offrant mes services à l’École de cirque de Québec que j’ai également été engagé au sein de cette organisation.

Aujourd’hui, en plus de travailler à titre de coordonnateur audiovidéo et responsable du Web, pour l’École de cirque de Québec depuis 2011, je continu mes activités au sein de mon entreprise et offre mes services de compositeur, vidéaste, réalisateur et photographe. Et j’adore ça!