My studio

As of June 14th the studio is undergoing a major expansion please come back to see the latest on the development of the newer studio.

Today November 13th,2013 all went well with the renovation. Funny thing about changing a workspace is that you miss the all the faults of your old work area. I decided to move my workspace upstairs for a number of reasons. Mostly because I wanted to make sure I had some light while I created. I got the light, but unfortunately, I now have echo like you would not believe. These days, the only way to have a home studio is to make sure the sound is dead as much as possible and add effects as you go. So it is sort of back to the drawing board a little.

I filmed myself working on the circular score just the other day so I will be able to start showing you what it looks like and from where it will evolve. Now, with the “live” sound I am now oblidged to add baffles to get rid of the “echo” sound. The desk also needs work. An IKEA desk can only take you so far.

February 25th,2014 update

Just worked on my new space. Still not exactly the way I wanted it but pretty damn good. Here is what I did

  • Added baffles
  • Made a custom desk
  • Made keyboard a pop out
  • Installed wired ethernet for constant backups
  • Cleared the window section

I need to sing and write songs in this place so I cannot overemphasize the importance of feeling relaxed in my creative space.