Gear I use to take photos

Canon EOS 6D with the following lenses

  • CANON 16-35mm F2.8 L
  • CANON 85mm 1,8 EF fixed focal
  • CANON 70-200mm 2,8 L series
  • SIGMA 50mm f/1.4 ART
  • ROKINON 14MM f/2.8
Flash and strobe gear

Yongnuo 568 EX II speedlitewith YN622 trigger system. Strobepro X600 wireless lithium 600Watt powered strobe with trigger system. 2 Godox SK300 300 Watt wireless strobe system .


36 inch beauty dish, 8X36 inch hairlight softbox, 18X48 inch assymetrical softbox with grid, 47 inch octagonal softbox with grid.

Continuous lighting



My Audio Gear

My initial way of working on a project stems a mostly from my musical background. To me, the importance of the music itself is never to be underestimated. Once emotion is established, it is the first thing to be attacked. Most of my work is done using a computer. That sounds quite common but I keep absolutely everything  inside the box. The quality of the software synthesizers I use is top notch . My primary soft synth is Komplete 9.
Other soft synths I use are Hypersonic, and the excellent Reason from Propellerheads software.


My Digital audio workstation of choice is Cubase 7.5. I have used this software since 1997 when version 3 of Cubast VST came out. I like to use it via Rewire routing either with Reason or with Ableton Live.

Audio Hardware

The audio hardware is a gammut of good mics and preamps and a couple of audio interfaces.


  • Groove tubes AM11 and AM55
  • Behringer Pencil mic for guitars
  • Blue Baby Bottle

Audio interfaces

  • Mindprint preamp and monitor
  • Stienberg UR 28
  • Tascam US 144MKII for mobile gigs
  • Zoom H4N for on camera audio capture

My guitars for composing are a Taylor accoustic and old Ibanez Roadstar2 from the 80’s

My Video gear

I have everything needed for the capture, and editing of high quality world class video.

For capture my camera is the EOS 6D full frame camera and the EOS 80D APS-C camera. I also own a Panasonic FZ1000 and  TM700 as a backup.

During all my time filming I have come up with a new motto. If you want a good shot, you need three things. Good glass, good light, and a good moment. I have really put my priority on high quality glass.

Here is a list of what I have collected so far


  • CANON 16-35mm F2.8 L
  • CANON 85mm 1,8 EF fixed focal
  • CANON 70-200mm 2,8 L series
  • NIKKORMAT 50mm 1,4 (used with NIKON to CANON adapter)
  • NIKKORMAT 135mm 2,8 fixed focal  (used with NIKON to CANON adapter)

Lighting equipment:  I own 3 flourescent 5600K temperature softboxes, Two Yongnuo 600 LED panels, A KinoFlo Diva light (with daylight or tungsten bulbs)

Audio capture: Audio Technica lavalier wireless microphone system, Zoom H4N, Various audio capture devices for interview footage. Alesis AM11 and AM55 for high quality audio capture occasions.