believe the story starts in Tacoma Washington, USA, where I was born of a French Canadian mother and an African American father.  I was born on a US air force base . Being an army brat, I literally only spent one year of my life there. Later my father got stationed at McGuire air force base in New Jersey where I lived until the age of 7. When my father retired from the air force, we moved to my mother’s native town Québec city, Canda . Till the age of 18 I would call Québec city my home. From the age of 18 to 25 I went to live in Lennoxville, Québec and Montréal, Québec to pursue my bachelor studies in Economics and Finance.

fter being disillusioned with the business world I moved back to Québec city. Lack of money and a goal put me right back at my parents house. In 1993 a good old highschool pal of mine (Brian tuppert) walked up to me with a music project that I could not refuse.

Let’s make music! I am pretty sure we could get a grant to do this!

This, for me , was a turning point and what would define me. Although he did not know it but he awakened the idea that it would actually be possible to make a living off of being creative. So in1994 we formed a band called Q City. The members were Brian Tuppert (co-writer), Pierre Curado (keyboards and programmer), and myself (singer, songwriter). For a diverse number of reasons Q City evolved into Soul Attorneys with members Eric Filteau (Keyboards, programming, co writer), Mathieu Dandurand (guitars, co writer) and myself (singer, songwriter). An energy, a vibe, and a hunger developed between the four of us and we went on to earn, a Canadian gold record, an ADISQ nomination, a 36 date tour with Celine Dion and lots lots more. Of which I will talk about more of in another post.

I have been a creator all my life. Ever since I can remember I have been working on, or starting, different artistic projects. My early years were marked by my willingness to get a University degree. For many years I fought with my creative side attempting to do the right thing and pursue a degree in finance. I did attain that degree but rapidly realized, upon graduating, that my strong points were not in this discipline. I love the fact that I have a degree. Business eductation has given me a savvy and sensitivity to business concerns more than many of my fellow artists but it is not why I was put on this planet. I was put here to create.

E ver since that day when Brian Tuppert came up to me I have done many things. I have four albums to my name (3 English and 1 in French). Lots of heartache, much joys and love experienced, and a lot of intense emotion. It has definately been a ride. Altogether, my musical career as a frontman lasted roughly 14 years with it’s conclusion being my last solo album in 2007 called “For”.

I loved it all, but I believe my work during the time I was a frontman, emanated a general feeling of malaise, not only in the music I had done, but also even the general feel of anything done during this period. Something was always a bit out of kilt with each and every album that I made. On the first Soul Attorneys album, I was sort of green and innocent. On the second album (J.Gaines and the Soul Attorneys) I was dealing with the fact that I was now solo and was uneasy with the fact of being alone. The third album (the French album) was what it was. The fourth album was just an artist with a lot of baggage trying to redefine himself. I listen to those albums and sometimes cringe at some of the decisions that I made. At the same time I am proud and consider myself privileged to have been able to do what I did for the time that I did it. I have charted over 8 songs in one top ten list or another and I am proud of these songs. Better Man, So they say, These are the days, Give a little love, Trace of Tracey are songs that I will wear with pride.

All this being said, I move on to newer things. I now create video and audio and, quite frankly, love every minute of it. This site is my way to log and share these new things that I do. Enjoy!